Our Story

Your Mother is so bossy… she got promoted way faster than anyone expected, had an early retirement, started her own company and then became super rich.

We all love our moms, right? Skinny, fat, rich, poor, pretty, ugly, cool, not cool, weird, awkward, sassy, silent, chatty, embarrassing, annoying, insane, stupid, brainy, bossy and/or everything else – whatever shape, size and personality she comes in, she’s yours and no one should ever mess with her. Ever. Except your friends. And maybe your friends’ friends?

All that maternal smack talking that happened as kids growing up in the 90s has inspired a range of simple, street-style designs for men and women (because popular culture has defiled all of our mothers) made with top quality materials…

…because your mother (and mine) deserves only the best.